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The customer agrees that sms77 may engage partners or third parties to process personal data in order to assist sms77 in providing the services on behalf of the customer (“subcontractor”). sms77 has entered into a written agreement with each subcontractor, which contains data protection obligations that are no less worthy of protection than those contained in this data protection agreement, insofar as this applies to the type of services provided by this subcontractor. If the subcontractor processes the services outside the EU / EEA, sms77 will ensure that the transfer is made pursuant to the standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data approved by the European Commission and which the customer allows sms77 on its behalf. Other appropriate legal data transfer mechanisms will be used.

The current subcontractors are listed in the following table and the customer agrees and acknowledges that sms77 has engaged such subcontractors to process personal data pursuant to the list. The Customer may subscribe to notifications at the bottom of this page, and when the Customer sign up, sms77 will send a notification of each new Subcontractor before authorizing a new subcontractor to process personal information in connection therewith.

sms77 informs the customer in advance of any intended changes regarding to the addition or replacement of a subcontractor during which the customer may object to the subcontractor’s order. Possible objections must be raised immediately (and in any event no later than fourteen (14) days after the intended changes have been notified by sms77). Should sms77 decide to retain the objected subcontractor, sms77 will notify the customer at least fourteen (14) days before authorizing the subcontractor to process personal data and then the customer may cease using the relevant part of the services immediately and terminate using the relevant part of the respective services.

More details can be found in our Privacy Satement and in the pre-signed order processing contract.

subcontractor address location of data processing purpose of processing other
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Notification on update

Enter your email address here to be informed about updates of our subcontractors. By submitting your request you agree to the processing of your data for the purpose of processing your request (privacy statement and right of objection)

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