Announcement: Basic SMS will be discontinued on 31.07.2017

Dear Customers,

unfortunately, we can no longer offer our Basic SMS in an acceptable quality. This development has been apparent for some time, as there are no reliable routes for such a cheap transmission any more.

Because we would like to concentrate on the delivery of highly reliable SMS to your satisfaction and because the product Basic SMS is used by very few customers, we have decided to disable them from 31st July 2017.

That’s what changes for you as customer
If you have previously sent Basic SMS – the cheapest SMS type for € 0.024 per SMS – you need to switch to Economy or Direct SMS. That affects the fewest customers. If you already use Economy or Direct SMS, you don’t have to do anything.

What happens to Basic SMS after 31.07?

After turn off the Basic SMS, these will no longer be available on the website and in your login. Basic SMS sent via our interfaces will be rejected with an error message. We recommend to send instead via Direct SMS to guarantee a 100% delivery. Alternatively, it’s possbile to send Economy SMS.

Your default SMS type will be set to Economy if Basic was previously set here.

You need a return channel for your SMS?

If you still want to use the free answer function of Basic SMS, please send an Economy / Direct SMS with one of our general numbers as the sender. The phone numbers are given in the SMS form, otherwise you can find them here:

We are pleased to offer you with this an even more reliable service.

Best Regards,

Comparison of the SMS types

Economy SMS

Transmission time usually < 60 seconds
Worldwide delivery
Own sender
Free answer function
Ported phone numbers
Delivery reports
Cheap routing, therefore no guaranteed delivery

Direct SMS

Transmission in < 5 seconds
Worldwide delivery
Own sender (text or number)
Free answer function
Ported phone numbers
Flash SMS
Delivery reports
Unicode messages
100% delivery guarantee

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