How to segment your customers for a successful SMS campaign

Target group-oriented mobile marketing – on the one hand means more anonymity for customers, on the other hand additional challenges for the marketing department of a company to correctly classify these customers.

Apart from age and gender, other demographic aspects also play a role. Preferences, hobbies, interests and sometimes specific niches really complete a customer profile. You can also achieve a good customer retention rate simply and specifically in an SMS campaign – and thus increase your market value and your sales.

Customer segmentation in preparation for your SMS campaign

Before you randomly send bulk SMS to all your registered contacts, you should take a close look at your customers. In the past these were right in front of you and you could assign many properties directly. In mobile marketing, the classification is slightly different, but by no means more difficult. On the contrary, if you do it right, you can even more than ever learn about your customers and how to achieve and activate them.

1. Let’s start by targeting individual customer groups:

  • Demographic values

    Based on the products or services you want to market, divide your customers into specific groups. For this, a classic example would be an online shop for fashion. Depending on gender, you want to inform your customers about women’s, men’s or children’s fashion. Alternatively, these can be age groups or other demographic characteristics that can be used to align your portfolio.

  • Customer proximity or discretion?

    At the same time you can set the tone with personalized messages in your SMS campaign. If your target group is more youthfully and modern, choose the personal address, preferably with first names. An SMS with the introduction “Dear Sir …” is more suitable for older semesters and for companies that prioritize seriousness and discretion (for example for financial sector solutions).

2. Evaluate your customers according to their status

  • User activity

    How and, above all, when is your clientele active? “Hello Tim, we haven’t seen you with us for a long time!” does not make a professional impression if this Tim just yesterday gave you a new order. People who actually haven’t been in your shop for longer time, can be lured with “welcome-back-discounts”.

  • Preferences & interests

    If the customer prefers a specific product category, information about this is particularly worthwhile. If temporarily sold-out items have been saved to a shopping list and are now available again, inform the relevant customer immediately.

  • Time-delayed notification

    Also, be aware of when your customers are mostly active. Rather in the evening? On the weekend? Or only in the morning? Based on this you should align your SMS campaign to set the ideal time to send your SMS.

Automatic vs. dynamic SMS distributors

A good SMS Gateway offers you a choice of several interfaces via which you can integrate your own software. Thus, there are many practical features ready to use (journal, delivery reports, statistic evaluations, …) as well as your stored settings like date planner, contact data and more.

If you would like to send SMS automatically or let it sent by the provider, you usually have numerous options to choose from, in order to configure certain parameters of your SMS campaign individually. For example, you can select one or more pre-set groups which shall receive an SMS with specific content at a specific time. This can be newsletters, special offers, sweepstakes or surveys. Even with mass SMS you have the opportunity to let them sent personalized and time-delayed.

Segment your customers for a successful SMS campaign

More effective – albeit more complex – is to make the SMS campaign more dynamic. To do so, check the up-to-dateness of your customer information at regular intervals. Have they recently become interested in baby fashion? Have their access times changed (possibly due to a job change) or is the shopping behavior completely restructured and does the customer have to be assigned to another group?

Add even more dynamism to your SMS marketing by including current location and time requests. Plan your delivery times so that the SMS really reaches your customers at the right moment. Unlike emails or letters, SMS are almost always opened and read immediately. At the wrong time, however, they will just be opened and ignored. So if the recipient is online during the day, he might just want to switch off in the evening and will not read your SMS. Conversely, who is engrossed in the daytime work, has no time to shop, unless of course there are work-related issues.

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Information exchange via Public Wifi Code

Customers who are near to your store, benefit most from a dynamic SMS distributor. For example, if you have set up a Wi-Fi hotspot for regular customers, an SMS can be sent immediately via the connection to the customer’s already verified smartphone to greet the customer and, e.g. point to newly arrived goods. These public wifi codes can be configured fully automatically and at the same time you have a feedback when and how long certain customers stay in your store, if they use your offers etc.

Evaluate feedback correctly

In particular, via two-way messaging you have a wonderful feedback option. For surveys, votes, sweepstakes or the like, which you organize via SMS, you will usually receive a direct response from the customer. On this basis, you can in turn better assess the activity of the customers.

  • Track how often and when your customers redeem discounts that you previously announced via SMS.
  • With the help of tools provided by your SMS service provider, you can evaluate SMS campaigns statistically. Learn more about the reachability of your customers – but also about your cost distribution. Every marketing budget wants to be sufficiently planned.
  • Also use number validation facilities to check the actuality of telephone numbers and their correctness. This avoids undeliverable SMS  and unnecessary amounts of data that make it difficult for you to get an overview.
Feedback can be a vital part of your SMS campaign

Advantages of a well-segmented SMS campaign

The finer and more detailed your customer segmentation is, the more you can strengthen customer loyalty to your products, services, or the entire enterprise. By notifying the different target groups with relevant content, you can create a profitable win-win situation for you and your customers. This is why it is crucial that you know your traget groups well before you start your SMS campaign.

You can also integrate additional communication channels via SMS Gateway, such as SMS2Mail, Mail2SMS or Text2Speech (Voice). This makes you even more flexible in order to reach your customers really accurately.

Save yourself expensive experiments and send only to those recipients who are also potential buyers. High click-through rates, reachability anytime, anywhere in the world, easy compatibility with almost any mobile device, and low administration overhead can make your SMS marketing even more successful, thanks to proper customer segmentation.

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