sms77 can be zaped now – Learn more about Zapier and how to link your apps interactively

The apps pile up on your desktop and one push notification superimposes the other? Make these processes even more intuitive: With Zapier, you can combine your applications flexibly and freely according to your needs.

Zapier. A platform acts as a trigger.

Zapier is an interactive platform that can link numerous well-known and popular apps, just the way the user wants or wants them to be. The various applications can be combined freely, all you need is the usual access data.

The apps can now be connected in an extremely flexible and versatile way – one is defined as the trigger, to which other applications react. Uncomplicated, automated and easily integrated.

Choose from over 1,100 apps

This is just a small selection of the apps integrated into Zapier. The big advantage is that they are all compatible. In addition, the platform also offers its own applications, such as e-mail addresses, calendars, RSS, weather, translations and more.

Some of the apps are marked as Premium, such as Amazon CloudWatch, Facebook Lead Ads and Paypal. These apps can only be used by paid accounts. All others are free of charge.

Step 1: Choose a trigger for your Zap

Zapier App-Auswahl

You can browse the selection as you wish or search directly for products and thus select your “trigger” app. Zapier automatically suggests popular zaps that other users are already using. This is only an inspiration, not a must. You have a free choice.

An example: From now on you want to be informed by SMS as soon as a colleague uploads new files into your Dropbox team folder…

Dropbox is the trigger in this case. In the next step you need to verify your Dropbox account and afterwards you can define a certain folder in Zapier and other criteria.

Important to know: Every option or zap is checked. That is, if you select a Dropbox folder, Zapier tests whether there are documents there that can be accessed. If you enter a folder path that does not exist, Zapier reports an error.

Step 2: Link a second app that is to react

In the second section you define the app that should react to your trigger (new file in the dropbox folder). In our case we want to receive an SMS and select the sms77 app.

After you have confirmed and tested your account, you can specify the sender, recipient and content of the SMS.

And now your Zap is successfully integrated. You will receive a test SMS with the details you provided as well as the confirmation shown by Zapier. At the end you can give your Zap a project name, e.g. “Dropbox to sms77” and simply activate it.

Use all possibilities optimally for your requirements

In addition to the classic direct connection from triggering app to respond, you have other options to define or refine zaps.

This way you can explicitly insert filters between them. For example, you will only receive an SMS if the uploaded file has a certain extension, exceeds a certain file size or has been edited on a special day, etc.

In addition, you can connect additional apps to the trigger and receive an email or an entry in your calendar in addition to the SMS… Between the apps you can add filters or actions each time that should be considered. Thus you have countless possibilities to adjust the Zap individually.

Your advantages

The Dashboard gives you a complete overview of which of your Zaps are active and which are currently inactive. You can flexibly change the respective settings at any time (e.g. adjust filters again), test connections again or update your access data.

At the same time, the task history shows you which entries were made when – your own logbook, if you like. This makes it easy to track projects and you won’t miss a thing.

Do you still have questions about the sms77 app or how to link it correctly in Zapier? Contact us – our support team is happy to help.

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