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Via the HTTP API you can send SMS via direct server-to-server communication through our gateway. By combining the APIs, you can design complex applications for almost any scenario. To use the API, call the respective URL with appropriate parameters. You receive a return code and various other feedbacks in the response body – depending on the function used.

  • Under General you can find information on how to authenticate your account. Here, you can also find out how the security of your account is guaranteed.
  • Under the point send SMS you can see the different functions for your SMS dispatch.
  • Delivery reports contains an overview of possible ways to request status, examples and an overview of possible status reports.
  • The item Journal shows you the endpoint, parameters and possible returns for queries of the journal.
  • Under Balance you will find instructions and an example of how to query your credit.
  • Under the Pricing item, you will learn how to retrieve current prices for various destination countries.
  • Click on the Analytics item to see instructions on how to query statistics.
  • Number format lookup contains the necessary parameters to query and the possible answers along with their meanings.
  • Under MNP Lookup you can look up how to retrieve the network operator of a phone number.
  • If you look at the HLR Lookup item, you will find information on how to query detailed information about the phone number.
  • The CNAM lookup item shows how to query a caller ID.
  • Inbound SMS provides information on how to set up inbound SMS as well as parameters of HTTP callback.
  • Contacts tells you how to query and modify contacts in your address book.
  • Under Voice you can find the necessary and optional parameters to send a text message as a call.
  • Webhooks shows you how to create, view and delete webhooks.
  • The Caller ID item contains information on how to validate a phone number for the Voice API.