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Caller IDs

The sender ID validation API allows you to automatically validate caller IDs for the Voice API. After calling this API you will get a code back if successful. At the same time, the phone number will receive a call from us. The returned code must then be entered via DTMF using the telephone’s keypad.

Send your request to the following URL:


In addition to the data for authentication the following parameters are required:

Required Parameters

ParameterDescriptionPossible values
numberThe phone number to be validated. The format is almost arbitrary – our gateway automatically formats the number correctly.491632429751

Optional parameters

ParameterDescriptionPossible values
callbackCallback URL that is to be called as soon as the validation has been performed successfully.https://your-domain.com/validate.php?...


In case of success and if the phone number has not yet been validated for your account, you will receive a JSON object with the code back.

"success": true,
"code": "699350",
"error": null

If an error has occurred, you get a JSON object like the one below:

Example Phone number invalid

    "id": null,
    "sender": "4917600000...",
    "formatted_output": null,
    "success": false,
    "error": "Number is invalid",
    "voice": false

Example Phone number already validated

    "id": 12345,
    "sender": "4917600000...",
    "formatted_output": "+49 176 0000...",
    "success": true,
    "error": "The caller ID has already been saved.",
    "voice": true


The URL specified by parameter callback is called as soon as the validation has been successfully completed. The following parameters will be added to your URL via HTTP GET:

idInternal ID of the caller ID.12345
senderInternational phone number491632429751
formatted_outputPhone number formatted+49 163 2429751
successQuery successful1 – on successful request or if already validated

0 – in case of error

errorError messageEmpty if successful, otherwise error message
voiceInternationally formatted call number1 – Can be set as Caller ID

0 – Can be set not as Caller ID


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