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Issue a request to the URL https://gateway.sms77.io/api and send the needed variables optionally as HTTP GET or HTTP POST parameters. Above all, for problems with lagerer SMS to many recipients or for longer SMS texts due to the limitations of the easier-to-implement GET-Requests, the call via POST is recommended. Please make sure that all parameters are transmitted in a URL-encoded form before you send the request.


The authentication to the HTTP Api is done by passing your your api key as parameter. Please use the following values:

pyour api key – you will find it in your login under Settings > HTTP Api


To secure your account, we have implemented the following security mechanisms:

1. Api Key

Access to the API is only possible with your API key. If a third party accesses your account, they will still not be able to log in. You can find your Api Key in your login in the HTTP Api settings. You can change the key in the settings.

2. IP Whitelist

To increase security, you can enter one ore more IPs in your login under Account > Settings > HTTP Api, from which it’s allowed to access the HTTP Api via your account.
It is also possible to specify a host name, which is then resolved and checked by the API during the call. Several values ​​can be entered comma-separated. Please note that the whitelist only makes sense in combination with a static IP address.

3. SSL encryption

A call of the API via http:// is possible, however we recommend to use the encrypted transmission via SSL for security reasons. To do this, use the URL https://gateway.sms77.io/api/....[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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