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Number format Lookup

Query the national and international format of any mobile phone number. In addition, you will receive the corresponding network operator for the phone number as information (without porting information). Read more about our number validation products.

Please address your request to the following URL:


Required Parameters

In addition to the data for authentication the following parameters are required:

ParameterDescriptionPossible values
typeQuery of the number formatformat
numberThe number to be queried. The format is almost arbitrary – our gateway automatically formats the number correctly.491632429751


The information is returned as JSON formatted.

ParameterDescriptionPossible values / Example
successQuery successfultrue
internationalInternational format of the queried phone number E.164.+491632429751
international_formattedInternational number.+49 163 2429751
nationalNational format of the queried phone number.0163 2429751
country_isoCountry code of the phone number in the format ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (two letters).DE
country_nameThe full name of the country of the queried phone number in English.Germany
country_codeCountry code of the queried number (international without leading “00”).49
carrierNetwork operator to whom the call number was originally assignedEplus


The format of the number 01632429751 is queried here:



  "success": true,
  "national": "0163 2429751",
  "international": "+491632429751",
  "international_formatted": "+49 163 2429751",
  "country_name": "Germany",
  "country_code": "49",
  "country_iso": "DE",
  "carrier": "Eplus"
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