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The SMS2SMS Api allows you to send SMS via sms77 directly from your mobile phone. Send an SMS to one of our Shared Inbound Numbers. So you can send SMS via our gateway also on the way without Internet connection. For this it’s possible to use a number, contact or group from your address book. Thus, you can send bulk SMS to numerous contacts directly via your mobile phone using just one single SMS – the gateway takes over the transmission automatically in the background.

For the sender and the SMS type, the default settings from your account are used. You can edit these in the login under Account > Settings > SMS.

The SMS2SMS Api is disabled by default for security reasons – by request you can enable this setting. In addition, you can set a password here for access via SMS2SMS.

The dedicated numbers for the SMS2SMS Gateway can be found here.

Format of the SMS

At the beginning of the SMS, send the recipient number followed by a space and after that the SMS text to be forwarded. As recipients, you can also use entries from your adress book. These must be preceded by a . (dot).


016012345670 Hello this is a test SMS!
Sends an SMS to 016012345670 with the text Hello this is a test SMS!.

.tom Hello this is a test SMS to an adress book entry!
Sends an SMS to the contact tom with the text Hello this is a test SMS to an address book entry!

Example with password:

016012345670 password  Hello this is a test SMS!
.tom password Hello this is a test SMS to an adress book entry!

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