Solutions for our partners

Are you a software provider, advertising agency or similar? Integrate our SMS solutions and offer your software users an improved communication experience with their customers. Earn from every referred user.

Perfectly integrated

Integrate our solutions seamlessly into your system – without hindrances for your customers

Reliable & fast

We offer you reliable solutions to send and receive SMS



Earn 6% commission on the sales of referred customers

Special rates

For distributors of software, we offer special conditions for your customers.

Case example: Bicycle store software

One of the leading German software providers of merchandise management systems for bike shops and workshops uses the sms77 SMS gateway. This makes it possible for the bicycle shops, in the simplest manner, to inform their customers, for example when the bicycle is finished. A simple click in the program by the employee in the shop is enough.

Added value through communication

Our innovative SMS products bind the end customers and facilitates the workflow.

Easy for your customers

Offer your customers an easy-to-use way to send their end customers SMS.

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After your registration has been approved, you can include an affiliate link on your website, in your blog, in your app and everywhere else. When new customers register through this link, you will get a commission of 6% in the revenue of these users.

Three steps to become an affiliate:

  • Register

  • Integrate link

  • Earn your commission