SMPP API for high demands

Quickly send large amounts of SMS via the standardized SMPP protocol

SMPP is the interface for customers with a very high SMS volume of 50,000 SMS and more daily. The robust and high-performance architecture is especially suited for aggregators, SMS hubs and medium to large enterprises

Standardized protocol

Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) is a unified protocol, which makes it easy to integrate the access to us into already existing systems

Turbo throughput

Deliver large amounts of SMS quickly and reliably. SMPP provides a throughput of up to 30 SMS per second

Free for our customers

You can get the SMPP access free of charge on request. You pay only the pure SMS charges.

Short Message Peer to Peer

The Short Message Peer to Peer protocol (short SMPP) is a well-established and current procedure in the telecommunications and messaging sector for uncomplicated connection to existing SMS gateways.

Thanks to the simple scalability there are no limits to your ideas and applications.

Easily implement our SMS gateway into your existing SMPP client – all you need is the SMPP login provided by us.

  • Lightning fast dispatch

    Especially for large SMS transmissions, our SMPP server processes your messages in the shortest possible time

  • Status check

    Get automated delivery reports to your SMS

  • Complete control over your SMS

    You can change all the parameters of the PDU yourself, e.g. the Lifetime of your SMS. So also binary, encrypted etc. SMS are no problem.

  • Fetch back messages

    If an SMS has not yet been sent, you can cancel or replace it

  • No additional charges

    The SMPP access is available for our customers at no extra charge

Transparent and fair – Prices to send SMS

Simply top up your credit balance and pay only the SMS you send. There will be no additional costs for you. All features like the API, Email2SMS etc. are available free of charge for each account.

*All prices plus 19% VAT. The prices are valid for a sent SMS with 160 characters. Messages with more than 160 characters are calculated according to the number of sent SMS, in which for each SMS message 8 characters less are available. An SMS with e.g. 310 characters would thus be calculated with the triple SMS price. For SMS with unicode characters, ie characters which are not included in the standard GSM alphabet (e-g. cyrillic, arabic, etc.), only 70 character per SMS are possible. The price above then applies to 70 characters. No transmission to special phone numbers.

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