Two-factor authentication

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In times of digital and interactive communication, you can be never quite sure who is actually sitting at the other end of the line. Is it a human being, a machine, a troll? In order to prevent misuse of mobile information, we offer you a high-quality SMS procedure for two-factor authentication (2FA). Herefore an identity verification is carried out by means of a combination of two different factors. These are transmitted independently of each other and then checked.

Identity checks in Mobile Business

In Germany, there are a number of legal requirements, that stipulate disclosure of account holders and account numbers, especially in the business area. But only with that, the identity of a person can not be clearly identified, especially when it is an online or mobile app business. Thus, two-factor authentication closes a significant gap in data security.

Such proofs of identity are important:

  • for the electronic transmission of documents in the Fintech branch
  • for banks, financial institutions and financial service providers with TAN-procedures for cashless transfer
  • to register by PIN code in the account area, e.g. in eCommerce shops
  • for various web, mobile and app applications, to confirm newsletters by link
  • to secure digital conference rooms, accessible only to selected employees and partners
  • for resetting a password through security queries

Not only the authenticity of the person is checked, but also the timeliness of their information. Because often time limits are set within which the identity must be confirmed. Otherwise, the certificate will lose its validity and the authentication will need to be re-applied.

Sometimes it is practical for such cases if you directly set up a return channel via two-way messaging via our SMS gateway.

Two components
– one target

Two factors are absolutly sufficient for authentication. They are transmitted manually or automatically. And for this they can take the most diverse forms as long as they operate independently of each other. Many of them are perfectly suitable for SMS transmission, others don’t:

  • Two-Way-Massaging (SMS2Mail, Mail2SMS, App)

  • Passwords, identification numbers

  • PIN, TAN numbers, codes

  • Security questions (e.g., pet name)

  • Barcode scanning

  • Keys, cards with chips implemented

  • Identity card

  • Fingerprint

  • Voice or speech pattern recognition

  • Eye scan (iris recognition)

Not all of these examples can be used for digital transmission. Therefore, we offer you a professional SMS procedure for your mobile communication. Compared to post-identification, the information is sent immediately and reaches the user everywhere. Worldwide.

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