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Drupal ist a content management system and open source. The CMS has been in existence since 2000 and has undergone constant development since then. Today it convinces not least by its numerous modules, which can extend the functional range of the system substantially. Furthermore, the respective website can be easily and individually designed with the help of different themes.

The success of the system is undisputed: Among its users are big names such as the White House and Harvard Ivy League University. Thanks to an active community, you can be sure to get help in one of the numerous forums if a problem arises. If you can’t find a solution there, you can also get professional support from companies specialized in Drupal.

Send SMS via Drupal

The sms77 plugin for Drupal

There are many good reasons why you should send SMS. They enable you to offer your customers an extraordinary service. With the sms77 plugin you can now send SMS comfortably directly from Drupal. Therefore, after installing and setting up the plugin you don’t have to take the time-consuming detour via our webapp anymore. Instead, you can use the most important functions directly in your system. This means that your SMS dispatch remains organised and you do not have to make any compromises in terms of usability. Sign up and try it for yourself!


  • With fixed signatures you save time and make sure that your SMS always contain a certain goodbye. You prefer to use a fixed greeting? That’s no problem either: You can attach the signature both before and after the SMS text.

Fixed sender name

  • Include a sender name so that your recipients know immediately who is sending them an SMS. The displayed name can contain up to eleven alphanumeric characters.
Versenden Sie SMS mit dem sms77-Plugin für Drupal

Possible settings for sending SMS, click to enlarge


  • With different labels you assign your SMS to different topics and always stay on top of things. You can also assign labels to different employees and thus check who sends how many SMS. Furthermore, labels have proven to be useful in marketing. Different campaigns receive different labels so that it is easier to check the performance at the end.

Performance tracking

  • Especially if you send marketing campaigns via SMS, you will of course want to know how successful your advertising measures were. With the help of our Performance Tracking you can track how often a sent link was opened in your SMS.

Do you need help with the installation or the setup of the functions?
Our documentation will help you.

Start your own SMS campaign now

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