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Are you currently reading this page in Chrome? At least it’s not unlikely, because right now no browser in the world has more users than Google Chrome. The success story of the browser already started in 2008, when it was introduced as the fastest among all known browsers. After that it took only four years until it became the most popular browser in the world. However, speed is not the only strength Google’s browser has to offer. A huge number of different extensions ensure that many more functions can be added to the basic ones. This way, the user experience can be customized in no time.

SMS-Versand ist natürlich auch aus Google Chrome möglich

The sms77 plugin for Chrome

Chrome is fast and flexible, just like the sms77 plugin. Together they provide you with a convenient solution: Send SMS directly from Google Chrome, without any detours. All you need is an active account with us and the sms77 extension in your browser. After activation you can start immediately and send SMS by clicking on the sms77 icon or right-clicking on a selected text. You can also use time-saving features like a fixed signature. Sign up now and try it for yourself.

SMS dispatch

Send individual text messages directly from your browser. To do this, open the user interface by clicking on the sms77 icon or select a text and right click on it. In the following menu you can choose to send the selection via SMS.


Specify a signature and determine whether it should appear before or after your individual message text.

Sender ID and recipient name

Determine a fixed sender identification and a recipient name so that you do not have to create these again for each new message.

You need help with the installation or the setup of the functions?
Our documentation will help you.

Start your own SMS campaign now

Sign up for free and get your test credits. No commitment, no long-term contract. Get it now.