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n8n (“nodemation”) is a workflow automation tool. It is free of charge, extensible and runs under the “open fair-coded” license. The Berlin startup was founded in 2019 and offers its services for free. Right now, the software is available exclusively for self-hosting, which distinguishes it from the SaaS competitors. A hosted version will follow soon. There is no doubt that the future is looking bright for n8n: US investor Sequoia Capital invested 600,000 euros in the start-up in March 2020 – a rare sign of confidence for German founders.

Workflow in n8n mit sms77

The sms77 plugin for n8n

You can integrate sms77 in n8n to send SMS automatically in different scenarios. If you already have an sms77 account you can start creating your first automation immediately. More than 90 apps are currently available to create automated workflows – and there will certainly be more in the near future. So as you can see, there are many nodes for you to choose from and countless automations to be build.
Try it for yourself and send your first automated SMS with sms77.

Application example: Social listening

If your account is mentioned in social media more often than usual, there can be many reasons for that. In any case, it is in your own interest that you are able to react to it quickly.

To make sure that you are informed as soon as possible if something unusual happens in social media, you can be notified via SMS. To do this, design a workflow that triggers an SMS as soon as your account mentions exceed a certain number. This way, you will be informed immediately and reliably if users react to you with increased frequency. All you have to do is assess the situation and react appropriately. Since SMS are not dependent on internet connections, you will receive the warning even when you are out and about.

Build alarm systems for social listening in Huginn

You need help with the installation or the setup of the functions?
Our documentation will help you.

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