Gyms send SMS to strengthen customer loyalty

More and more companies decide to make SMS part of their communication strategy. Especially during the pandemic, short messages proved to be an uncomplicated and effective medium.

When used wisely in gyms, SMS can help streamline processes, saving owners not only time but also cash. In addition, personal contact with members can significantly set your studio apart from the competition.
In this post we would like to show you some examples in which gyms send SMS to streamline their members’ experience and optimise their processes.

Tell members about spontaneous changes or closing times

Because text messages are read particularly quickly and hardly any text messages remain unopened, they are ideal for communicating changes at short notice. So if your studio has to be closed for the day or there is a spontaneous change in your course schedule, you can inform affected members quickly and easily. By using different recipient groups, you can easily reach only certain recipients if your message is not intended for all members. Even if your course takes place at a different location than usual, an SMS informs all participants in time so that everyone can be at the specified location on time.

Send invitations to events

Invitations to a summer party, a special training session or a joint trip to a competition – send an SMS to invite members to your event. SMS are perceived as very personal messages and are read particularly quickly. So not only do you benefit from stronger customer loyalty, but you can also send invitations at short notice, for example if you have people cancelling last minute.

If you wish, you can also receive replies from your members online, so that they can RSVP directly via SMS. We recommend that you get your own inbound number for this purpose, as this is the most reliable way to receive your replies. If required, you can also have your guests show the respective SMS as an admission ticket or send a QR code as an attachment, which your guests can use to check in.

Gyms send SMS, for example, to invite members to their events

For trainers: Send appointment reminders

In personal training, you can benefit from sending SMS in a more direct way. Send appointment reminders via SMS to greatly reduce the no-show rate and thus save time and money. Your customers will usually perceive the appointment reminder as a pleasant additional service. For you, this means fewer missed appointments and streamlined scheduling processes for your trainers. For a special service, you can also establish direct contact with the respective trainer so that the members can, for example, ask questions about their training or nutrition plan via SMS or inform their trainer about current successes. The personal touch of SMS pays off here in particular.

Want to know more about how to receive SMS online?
Read our blogpost for an overview of your options.

Send class schedules and other documents via SMS

As a special service, you can send interested members updated course or class schedules if this is requested by the recipients. With our attachment function you can make the plan available to your recipients particularly easily. Upload your document, determine how long your members can access the file and include it in your SMS. If needed, you can also set a password that your members will have to enter before they can view the file. Please note that your recipients will need an Internet connection to view the attachment.

Of course, you can also send individual training plans and other documents in this way. If you don’t want to upload your document, you can also send a link that leads to your website.

Send birthday greetings via SMS

Send personalized birthday wishes to your members. A personal greeting not only shows appreciation but also strengthens customer loyalty. Since you can pre-schedule SMS easily and individualized, you only have to make a very small effort here to achieve a relatively large effect.

You may also want to send your members a link that they can use to redeem a coupon code, or you may have a small gift ready that your members will receive when they present the respective SMS during their next visit at the reception desk.

Either way, a personalized greeting makes for better customer retention. With individual, custom placeholders, you can make sure your messages get an even more personal touch.

Sending SMS at a later time is useful in many cases. You can find out how to pre-plan your SMS in our helpdesk.

There’s many advantages waiting when gyms send SMS

Gyms and personal trainers can benefit in many ways from sending SMS. Due to the high reading rate and the short time until they are opened, SMS are excellent for sending short-term information. They also add a personal touch to conversations with members and customers, not least because they can be personalized easily and effectively. Therefore, recipients see SMS as an additional service that can set you apart from the competition.
Sending appointment reminders via SMS is also particularly popular to prevent spontaneous missed appointments and therefore save time and money.

As you can see, gyms send SMS to profit from various advantages – both on the customer’s side and for gym owners.

Do you still have open questions about SMS dispatch or a specific function? We look forward to receiving your message.

All the best
Your sms77 team

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