launches new tutorial video series on YouTube

The Kiel-based company for business messaging solutions has started a new series of tutorial videos on YouTube. In the playlist customers and future users can learn, for example, how to individualize bulk SMS with just a few clicks. Jana Limbers, new content manager of, shows how to do this in a tutorial video. By the way: English subtitles have been added to all new tutorial videos!

“When Corona started, we saw an increase in new customers and many of them wanted to send bulk SMS. Therefore, I thought it would be wise to start with showing people how to import their data. Also, custom fields are extremely useful for sending bulk SMS, so I explained those, too. Custom fields can be used for a variety of causes, for example for sending out voucher codes or tracking numbers for orders. This short video enables customers to create and use their own custom fields in our webapp and benefit from their potential,” the Master of Arts graduate explains her intention behind the tutorials. 

Video tutorials are helping people help themselves 24/7 

Jana dreht Videos für die neue Tutorial-Reihe von sms77

Jana Limbers is a content manager at

The webapp offers a convenient way to send SMS if is not integrated into the company’s own system via API. Especially for customers who are not familiar with the subject, it is more helpful to be able to look at examples, rather than just reading about the functions. According to Jana, this approach is more exclusive, but also more up-to-date. The tech-savy texter shot the first video while she was still working from home and also created an accompanying blogpost. The second tutorial video covers “First steps and two-factor authentication” in the webapp. Jana is open to feedback and suggestions from customers and anyone interested in the tutorials. 

“Many websites provide a lot of information on offers and prices. To us, that is not sufficient. We want to offer a more active customer support. In this video series viewers get to know different functions and applications that are relevant in the business messaging sector. The first two videos offer an insight into our webapp as well as into personalized SMS and I think that is a great start. It is very important to us that our customers feel supported and informed,” Christian Leo, owner of, concludes. 

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