Top Ten of best Marketing Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday

In addition to Christmas sales and seasonal sales, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are THE marketing events of superlatives – if you do it right. Short time window, high profile and the holidays are comming soon: best conditions for marketing strategists to prove themselves.

Do you already have the $ sign in your eyes? Soon it will be time again, and the purchasing power of the customers will reach a wonderful high performance. For months, companies train the target group, lure them, bind them, do their utmost to earn their loyalty – and then POW, within 1 to 4 days, the effort pays off. For a successful result, you should note some useful tips and push your creativity to the highest level.


Be ready for the sales weekend of the year

Even though Black Friday has its historical roots, this doesn’t care for many today. For your customers it’s primarily an event

  • whose date is known
  • that promises many discounts
  • and great news.

High expectations that you should be prepared for. So enter the appointment in your calendar in good time.

If you offer products on Amazon, also mark the whole week after Black Friday, because during this period the #CyberWeek takes place. In principle, a small countdown, but by which the almost perfectly short time frame is already bursting. After all, the few days make the Black Friday so exclusive that you can hardly wait until it is finally time. Almost like “pre-Christmas”.

So the date is set – now we can start with the top 10 best marketing ideas for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday!

1. Get the pole position

Be right at the forefront and inform your customers in good time about the upcoming highlight. But do not betray everything at once. If you give yourself something secretive, you increase the excitement even more and make your customers curious. By email newsletter, professional business SMS, advertisements in print media etc. you can offer a little taste.

  • Bulk messages

    Send emails or bulk SMS if you want to distribute a general content as widely as possible. In parallel, you can offer a friends bonus so your message’s gonna be shared.

  • Group messages with specified content

    Customers who buy certain products or prefer a category should be informed accordingly to this range. That’s how to segment your customers optimally for the upcoming event.

  • Personalized salutation & time-delayed messages

    Become personal: with a personalized salutation you build up customer confidence and convey more closeness. This can be done on an equal footing with a “hello Anna …” or in a discreetly form like “Dear Mrs. Schneider …”. So that your SMS, email or even voice message arrives with pinpoint accuracy, this can be be sent e.g. via SMS gateway time-delayed and fully automatically.

2. Stand out from the crowd right at the beginning

Sometimes it is enough to be one step ahead. Creative marketing in the field of outdoor advertising gives you a better starting position. For example, the black poster is completely mainstream, beacuse its’ for many the first choice fitting the theme. If you although stay at black, then pimp it up originally or use it in a subtle context.

Interesting are above all titles with a little different statement than usual: “Only on Black Friday free winter tires for every black new car” or “Cyber ​​Monday Deal: 50% on bestsellers only for 100% best customers” or something like that …

3. Be special, extravagant, glittering

Rarity has value. Choose limited editions and unique products tailored for Black Friday or Cyber-Monday from your portfolio. Even slightly modified designs attract the attention of your target audience. The ideal time for collectibles and special editions. This can benefit both your top sellers and the less well-performing products.

The main thing is to provide that certain something that your competition does not have. And if you just tie a black ribbon around the perfume bottle. Better would be something noble, modern or creative, depending on which line your products pursue.

4. Time for shopping

For Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, time is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. If you use this variable correctly, you can optimally stimulate the customer’s desire to buy.

For example, you could change your opening hours. Some stores shift their opening hours significantly to the evening to catch more patrons. Pay attention to supplements. Next door is a restaurant that has been open anyway? Great, invite your guests for dessert or a cup of coffee …

You operate an online shop? How about shipping-free delivery for all orders in a specific time window? Or you can provide new offers every hour, which are only reduced for one hour each.

Check exactly how far your products are compatible with your customers’ activity. Does your clientele shop in the store during the day or online in the evening? Adjust time limits accordingly to reach as many customers as possible.

non-stop shopping in online commerce

5. Little attention with great effect

Remember that also Christmas is coming up. Customers who buy from you are probably already preparing for it. Be it gifts or coupons – give them a little attention as a reminder. Free samples, give-aways, and some merchandise articles not only please your immediate customers, but also their relationships and acquaintances. Pay attention to an obvious association with your products.

Likewise, you can take advantage of cross-marketing methods and give away similar or complementary product samples. This can be a conditioner sample for shampoo, baby toys for maternity wear, glasses for whiskey or mouse pads for the computer, etc. Memorable designs with your logo will bring the customers back to you by Christmas at the latest.

6. New is always better

Take advantage of the well-known dates for new releases. Especially at Black Friday many new books, games, flavors or other variations will be published for the first time. These may then e.g. be linked to a discount till Cyber ​​Monday.

Instead of discounts, Collector’s Edition and the just mentioned giveaways are particularly suitable for new releases and new editions. These can include mobile phone cases, in-game maps for the new Playstation game, posters for the movie and the like.

7. Communication is key

Use different communication channels to spread your message target-accurately. In particular, social media posts, blog posts, classic print advertising and especially mobile marketing in the sense of sending SMS or email etc. are highly recommended for such events. It is important for both Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to pay attention on topicality.

Likewise, the content of your message must be very incisive in order not to sink in the pool of special offers. Use e.g. Hashtags like #blackfridaysale, #blackfridaydeals, #cyberweekspecial or #cybermonday to be better found by search engines. Additionally, you can integrate the date and get attention by using slogans and advertising your special offer.

  • Print media

    These can be advertisements in subject-specific magazines (if they fit in the time frame) as well as in daily newspapers, but also simple flyers, leaflets, city cards or posters.

  • Send SMS

    Whether bulk SMS or group notification: make your message to something special, e.g. with a personalized address, with links to your website and special offers only for VIPs.

  • Send emails

    Via email distribution, you can also reach numerous recipients. In addition, here you can integrate images, GIFs, emojis and more.

  • Via app

    Use company own or external apps to publish your offers. Push notifications appear immediately on the receiver’s display – you couldn’t be more up-to-date.

  • Company internal networks

    Do not forget your own employees. Especially those in the field, sales and service should know everything important to your offer.

  • Cross Marketing

    Suppliers, partners and supplements with relations to your offer should also be informed. This can be done in the form of a marginal note on the delivery note, or by a sticker on the box, stamp etc.

8. Use your budget

Spending money on advertising measures seems to be a valid idea for every boss, but unfortunately, far too much and too often is shortened here. For such super events like the Cyberweek you should therefore consider higher expenditure from the outset.

For example, if you show ads on search engines, the prices per click for relevant keywords will promptly increase during this period. This also applies to Facebook and Co. Who advertises early, may save something, but loses its relevance. Therefore, it is advisable to weigh up exactly.

Excellent alternatives are direct communication channels such as SMS sending and e-mail newsletters, which are relatively inexpensive and on top of that already reach validated regular customers, instead of fizzling out between competition and mainstream.

9. Create interactive features

Nothing is as tempting as an unknown. Therefore, integrate small surprises and mysterious features in your marketing. This can be for example scratch cards as a print or even as an online version.

At the click of a mouse, the customer wipes the field free, has to piece together puzzle pieces or solve riddles – as a resolution he receives, for example, 10 or 20% discount, depending on how fast he was. Again, the time factor makes an excellent motivation.

10. Don’t be too blackmatic

Even if it doesn’t work out straightaway the way you wanted it to be – don’t become a doomsayer. The better you know your target group, the more flexible and customer-oriented you can adapt your marketing strategy. Do your customers prefer colorful instead of monotone black? Then bring some color into play. Or are your customers more the revolutionaries and trendsetters? Then an unconventional tactic might be worthwhile. For example, if the travel agency advertises with “Black Friday? Perfect time to swim in the black sea.” Or just make a “Cyber Giveaway” instead of Cyber ​​Monday and organize an online flea market or a fundraiser.

The best deals for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are those with particularly attractive offers, creative marketing and customer-oriented communication. Anyone who thinks already today about tomorrow or the next holidays can score double. So the marathon can start …

Best regards

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