Number validation

Validate your number inventory. Check phone numbers for existence and current status.

HLR Lookup

HLR stands for Home Location Register and offers as a database detailed informations of mobile phone numbers for each number worldwide. Validate your phone numbers inventory for invalid numbers, or check e.g. at the entry of a phone number the existence of this in advance. Depending on your network, you will receive additional information about the current roaming network, whether a number is active and much more.

In your Login of the sms77 webapp, you can validate contacts lists as a whole without having to select individual number.


All phone numbers of the selected list are validated via HLR lookup.

  • Worldwide coverage

    Thanks to international connectivity, you can query nearly every phone number of the world via our HLR query.

  • Comprehensive data

    In addition to MNC (Mobile Network Code) and MCC (Mobile Country Code), ie to the target network, you get information on roaming, correctness and much more.

  • API connection

    Simply integrate our HLR Api into your system for fully automated verification of phone numbers.

MNP Lookup

Check the network membership of German or Swiss phone numbers

The Mobile Number Portability (short MNP) query is a simplified form of HLR Lookups. It allows you to query any international phone numbers to easily and quickly get the respective network operator of a number. This is how you can view the current port status of a phone number. This query does not validate a number – for that please use the HLR query.

  • Porting check

    Check quickly and easily the port status of a phone number

  • Cheap

    The cheap alternative to the HLR lookup – also available as a flat rate

  • Perfect routing

    Optimize your routing for services like SMS, calls, etc

MNP demonstration:


curl -XGET ""


	"success": true,
	"code": 100,
	"mnp": {
		"country": "DE",
		"number": "+491632429751",
		"national_format": "0163 2429751",
		"network": "E-Plus",
		"isPorted": false

CNAM Lookup

CNAM stands for “Caller ID Name” and the lookup allows you to display exactly this Caller ID Name for a phone number.

You can use CNAM Lookup to query the name of the caller ID for any telephone number worldwide. Please note that not every phone number has an entry. The databases of the network operators are queried first. Where these fail to provide a satisfactory result, further sources are used. Since the data comes from different sources, you can receive geographical locations, company names, names or the network operator in response.

  • 229 countries covered

    Global coverage and high reliability

  • 4,5 billion phone numbers

    Data directly from the network operators guarantee the usability of the query results

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