CNAM Lookup

Check the Caller ID Name (CNAM) for any numbers.

CNAM is short for Caller ID Name – the “name” of a caller that is displayed instead of a phone number. This name is registered with the provider and then displayed on capable recipient telephones. This is usually done by larger companies and institutions. But smaller companies also make use of it to avoid that calls are ignored due to unknown numbers.

Our CNAM lookup first queries the network operator’s databases directly. If they don’t deliver a satisfactory result, other sources are used. This allows us to achieve global coverage. The CNAM query allows you to request the Caller ID Name for any telephone number. Of course not every phone number has an entry. For numbers not without CNAM, depending on the source of the data, the country or region, for example, or the network operator with which the telephone number is registered, is displayed instead of a name or company.

  • Additional information

    Add recipient names to your contact lists

  • 4,5 billion phone numbers

    Data directly from the network operators guarantee the usability of the query results

The CNAM lookup in the API

The caller ID query for the number 015126716517 is shown here as an example.



    "success": "true",
    "Code": "100",
    "number": "+4915126716517",
    "name": "TELEKOM SMS"

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