• New: We are very pleased to inform you that we can now offer virtual numbers (DIDs) that can receive A2P SMS regardless of the sender. So even 2FA SMS with a text as sender ID will be delivered reliably and without any hassle.A2P enabled DIDs are available in the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Canada
    • Chile
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Israel
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Sweden
    • Thailand
    • Ukraine
    • United Kingdom
    • United States

Contact us to get your A2P enabled DID.


  • Fixed: The navigation arrows for switching months in the datepicker on analytics page did on some browser not show up


  • New: You can now define your default country code to send messages to your destinations in local number format. Just change the default country code in your settings.

Introducing OAuth 2.0 – 31.01.2022

We are very pleased to announce that we can now offer third-party application authentication via OAuth 2.0.

Learn more in our OAuth 2.0 documentation.

OAuth 2.0


  • New: Search in Debugger for specific API Calls using the ID from x-sms77-trace-id header you receive back each API Call



  • New: For additional security we have implemented SHA256 HMAC for signing of requests to and from our API. Find out more in our documentation about Signing of Requests.



  • New: You can now subscribe to filtered webhooks via API


  • New:Receive notifications via webhook about performance tracking clicks and views


  • Improved: The api key used to access our API is now displayed in the debugger
  • New: Sending Attachments via SMS is now also supported via our API.
  • New: You can now send JSON directly to our API.
    curl '' \
      -H 'Accept: application/json' \
      -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: basic YOUR_API_KEY'  \
      -d '{"to":"+49177777777","text":"Hello world :-)"}'


  • Improved: The original SMS you’ve sent will now be included in the email in case of a reply from your recipient.


  • New: Send attachments in your messages! Simply add the file in our Webapp to your SMS and we will handle everything else for you.


  • New: Checkout our brand new developer section where you can easily debug API requests and webhooks, resend webhooks, add several API keys and more. You can now also add multiple webhooks for different triggers and get webhook data as JSON.


  • New: Get a webhook on a incoming phone call to your inbound number. This way you can easily trigger arbitrary actions via a simple phone.


  • New: You can now send S/MIME encrypted mail to our mail-to-SMS gateway. Check out the docs to learn more.
  • New: The parameter delay is now available via mail-to-SMS gateway. Schedule your campaign for the future.



  • New: The parameter unicode is now also available via Mail-to-SMS Gateway


  • New: Analytics in your Dashboard now include all your traffic data.


  • New: Credits can now be transferred once and manually to a subaccount.



  • New: Add individual custom fields to your contacts and use them via placeholders in your text messages.


  • New: You can see the detailed history of your SMS now in your journal.sms state history


  • Changed: We have renamed batchsend77 to sms77-cli


  • Changed: We focus on high quality, so we are successively removing Economy SMS from our products. The use of Economy SMS via APIs will continue to be possible for the time being.
  • Improved: We have fixed some issues with placeholders in WebApp’s SMS form so that using these is now more comfortable.


  • Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the account member role MESSAGING could not create/update contacts.


  • Fixed: We have fixed a bug on our HTTP API where you did get only the status code 402 instead of full JSON in case of any of the recipients failed with this code.


  • New: Inbound numbers can now be paid annually with over 30% discount


  • New: Delivery report callbacks will now include the timestamp. Check out our docs for more info.


  • New: For more security HTTP Basic Authentication is now available to our API.




  • Improved: API response code 300 has been removed. You will get error 900 instead in case of missing API key.


  • New: Check multiple phone numbers via our HLR Lookup in just one API Call.


  • New: Check out our new Pricing API – get your SMS prices programmatically



  • Improved: We have improved the checkout experience. You can now use your stored credit card for manual payments without having to re-enter the card details.


  • New: We have now enabled Webhooks for our Voice API. You will get detailed information about the call state in realtime – like when it’s ringing, when the call is answered or completed.


  • Removed: The ability to create or redeem vouchers from your account login has been removed since  very low usage. If you have any voucher left, please write to our support team.


  • New: Role Messaging can now be used for your account members. This role just allows to send/read messages.


  • New: Labels are now supported via SMPP. Just set an appropriate service_type value with up to 5 charactes.



  • Improved: The configuration of what happens with replies to sms over our shared phone numbers has been moved to inbound configuration. You can now disable email notification for reply or set up an individual mail recipient.


  • New: Send binary messages or SMS with your own User Data Header (UDH) via our API. Only available for Direct SMS.
    Parameter Value
    udh User Data Heder. Please provide it as HEX value
    text Text message – if this is a HEX value and UDH is provided, we send this SMS as binary


  • New: You can now download your analytics as CSV file


  • New: MNP Lookup is now availbale for Swiss mobile phone numbers


  • New: The international, formatted phone number is now part of the output at HLR/MNP/Format lookup APIs international_formatted



  • Improved: Added some Breadcrumbs to the Webapp
  • New: Auto-invoice for payments via bankwire when your balance gets low


  • Changed: Fees for payments by PayPal have been removed


  • Changed: API Endpoints for MNP and HLR Lookups are now located at – endpoints must not be changed in your application since the old one still work
  • New: CNAM Lookup API – query any number for associated name in our database with about 4.5 billion numbers. Find out more at the CNAM API Docs


  • New: Set your preferred time zone, number and date format for your account on the profile page


  • Improved: SMS API via HTTP no longer requires parameter u for your username. Just use your API key


  • New: Invite your team members to manage your account. Assign a specific user role according to the respective user: Financials, Administrators and Developers
Account members


  • Fixed: HLR Api output was null in case of an error


  • Fixed: Removed some more less critical XSS vulnerabilities
  • Improved: Balance alert configuration has been moved to the financials area
  • New: Configure separate and more than one recipients for your balance alert


  • Improved number detection. We now correctly interpret numbers like 490160…
  • Fixed: numbers in callbacks are now cositently formatted internationally like 49160…


  • New: Bulk delete invalid contacts in your contacts list
  • New: Latency of your messages is displayed in your journal


  • New: Changelog online
  • New: SMPP via TLS is now possible (Port 2776)
  • New: Number format lookup API


  • Fixed: Removed several XSS vulnerabilities


  • New: Enable Two-factor authentication to secure your account
  • New: Auto recharge your balance via credit card
  • New: Filter your invoices and possibility to download all PDF invoices as Zip-file
  • New: You’re are now getting monthly traffic reports of your usage
  • Improved: SMS to multiple reciepients are now grouped in your journal


  • Improved: Management of subaccount is now more comfortable


  • New: Directly order virtual or sim-based numbers in your login


  • New: Manage your caller IDs to be used for Voice API


  • Improved: We’ve rearranged the billing-page to be more clear


  • New: Sign in/up with your LinkedIn or Google account


  • Improved: We’ve launched a totally new, fresh contact administration.
    • Bulk validate your number lists via HLR lookup
    • Import/Export your numbers
    • Search for contacts
    • Many UI fixes


  • New: Integration with Zapier
  • New: Add labels to your messages to better analyze your traffic
  • New: Use templates for faster composing SMS
  • New: Personalize your message with placeholders
  • New: We now fully support emojis 😃
  • New: Connect via SMPP to send massive SMS volumes
  • New: Top up your credits using the most common cryptocurrencies

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